Pankti Parekh

"He is an amazing professor who had taken MATLAB workshop in our college when I was in Sem 3. Usually, use of MATLAB starts from 2nd year of engineering so it was very helpful for us to learn every small detail, all shortcuts in MATLAB which made programming of MATLAB extremely easy to understand logically and practically. He also taught us VLSI as a subject in Sem 6 which was explained to us very efficiently. Currently, I am looking forward to working under him and learn many new things in VLSI and learn to write a review and technical papers. He basically has knowledge about all domains covered in EXTC and he knows all of them very well from the scratch to the advance. He is the most honest and hardworking professor in EXTC department. "


 "Extremely knowledgeable, clear understanding of the subject and above all ensures that the specific query is fully and satisfactorily answered. He goes out of the way in ensuring that the student gets the answer with a clear understanding of the fundamentals. My experience with him has been beyond words as he responded at odd hours in spite of his other commitments. He made sure that the requirement was met. This attitude gives the required confidence to the student that he or she is under expert guidance. Really helpful, caring and coupled with subject knowledge and expertise makes a highly successful combination."

Vishwa Thakkar

 "His explanation was really good and detailed. Personal attention to each and every student was a major plus point. The games in between theory lecture kept the boredom away. Practical applications of MATLAB were discussed which gave us an idea of the scope of MATLAB. Simulink practical were helpful to understand the basics of simulation. "

Pranav Mody

"The concepts of DSP are very tough. But sir made it very easy to understand each and every concept. He is very friendly and interactive in class. Sir takes great efforts in helping us clear our doubts. He is jolly and always has a great smile on his face."

Hardik Mody

Sir is an excellent teacher who has hands-on experience with many virtual simulation tools including MATLAB. His deep understanding of the subject is reflected by his effortless teaching techniques on complex programming and simulation problems that may be difficult to interpret otherwise. He is a teacher who will never hesitate to go out of his way to make you understand the basics of his subject."

Moinuddin Khaja

"It was a wonderful experience learning with faculty there. He is very friendly while teaching. He also looked into the fact that we don't get bored while writing codes for Matlab and allowed us to play games to get your mind refreshed. Overall a great faculty to be learning with."